Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Maura, how do I love Thee?

Let me count the ways! One one tousand, two one tousand, tree one tousand! (Use your Roger Rabbit voice! Or is that Woger Wabbit?) I loved your tribute to moi, it was MAHVELOUS. I shall soon post a tribute to you, because one good turn deserves another. Coming soon, a tell-all of what it was like Growing Up With Pampered Princess or I want it all Fabulous. The lies, the scandals, the wild parties, don't miss it!


Pampered Princess said...

I'm patiently waiting for my tribute. How do I love myself?

Well, I shower regularly. I make a mean deviled egg. I don't spank my kids nearly as much as I used to. I can't go to sleep without reading a good book. No, not "The" Good Book. Just a good book. I eat chocolate in bed. (Don't tell anyone.) I have beautiful sisters and a Wascaly Brother! There's more, but I'm hungry!

Patty said...

Hope you don't mind me stopping by your blog, but I found it on Maura's. I love all of your pictures-looks like you have the animal menagerie I've always dreamed of! (Being stuck in the suburbs I've had to stop at 5 cats!) Your posts are great, and I love your sense of humor!!