Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

My birthday is next week and I couldn't wait, I found this little guy and gave him to myself for my birthday. He is a 5 month old australian shepherd, perfect for a girl who has saddled herself with livestock and poultry.

Circus Chicken

All the chicks and ducks are now at the barn where they belong, but I miss having them where I can check on them frequently. One day my daughters asked if I would like to see Circus Chicken. Upon inquiry, I was informed that Circus Chicken is when you take a chick and put it on top of the waterer and and after fluttering helplessly, the chick jumps off. Kind of reminds me of cow tipping. Good times.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yay Chickens!

Here they are, 28 chicks, 26 of them are bantam Cochins, 1 is a standard Buff Orpington-we call her Barbra Jean, and 1 is an exotic surprise chick that the hatchery sent us-we think he is a Phoenix chicken and we call him Brock (picured in the middle photo on the left, he has the brown stripe down his head). They are just over a week old in these photos and they have been so fun! This is their first time outside in grass, the rest of the time they are in large clear plastic containers with heat lamps in my house. I am looking forward to when they are moved out to the barn, but it has been a fun experience!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Too Long

It has been too long since I've posted, but I've decided it is time to post again. Unfortunately, since our other computer "caught" a virus, I don't have access to all of our digital photos, which is sad, I have some great stories to share. It will just have to wait a couple more weeks until we get our computer back. Until then, I have new stories to share. COMING UP-photos of the most adorable chicks ever! Yes, I hear voices in my head, they sing old macjocelyn had a farm...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Riding Orlando

I have done something today that I've never done before and that no one else in the whole world has done. I sat on my nearly three year old gelding, Orlando. This is such an amazing thing to me, that I am foregoing the pleasure of going to bed, so that I can mark the occasion on my blog. I've owned Orlando's mother, Sundance, featured in all her hair, since July 2004. Shortly after purchasing her, I was struck by the suspicion that she was pregnant. A quick trip to the vet's office confirmed that there was a horse the size of a football inside her. When I asked the vet if it was a boy or girl, he said yes. It had been a long journey, waiting for that baby, and the nights I wandered back to the barn to see if the colt had been born yet were momentous (I could have walked in on a horse theft, but Bob beat me to it, ask me about that story!) and very drawn out. We started waiting in March, and waited and waited and waited. Then, over Memorial Day weekend, I put in much hard manual labor at the barn and gratefully drove home, aching and hot. The next morning, I was awakened by a phone call from Bob, my friend at the barn, asking me if I'd like to see my new cremello filly! Sundance was very tricky and waited until I was too exhausted to be vigilant. And it wasn't a filly, but a colt, thank heavens, I have too many mares. So here it is, nearly three years from that day and I put a saddle on my colt, and after a time in the arena, I laid over his back. He was far more concerned with the other horses in the arena, so I retired to one of our runs and again laid myself over his back. Because that was so uninteresting to him, (not me, I assure you) I impulsively decided to put my leg all the way over and actually sit astride. I did that several times and even urged him to take a few steps. So there you have it, no one else in the whole wide world has sat on my colt, except for me, no one else has ever trained him, just me. And he hardly blinked an eye.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hide your wallet

The other day I received a message from the Dallas Zoological Society. Apparently they were having trouble processing my request for a zoo membership and would I or my husband please give them a call so they could straighten things out. No problem, I thought, I would be very happy to give them a call, especially since I hadn't ordered a zoo membership. But first, I needed to pull out my stellar detectival skills and do a little research. I called my husband, thinking perhaps he had sent in the card the zoo had sent us last week, perhaps to surprise the family. But as I suspected, he was quick to deny any such plans. While he was on the phone with me I instigated part two of my investigation. "Girls!" They came running to the top of the stairs. Such obedient children. "Did one of you send in the card to get a membership at the Dallas Zoo?" "No," "Yes." They both stated at the same time. The "no" child was dismissed from the fore front of my mind as I quickly turned my interrogation skills on the other child. "What credit card did you use?" "Yours!" she laughed. I told my listening spouse goodbye, and proceeded to wipe the smiles and giggles from my browless child's face. (Well, she has some brows now, perhaps I should have said sparse. But maybe you can understand that I'm still not feeling all that charitable towards old baldy brows just yet.) After justice had been meted out, I quickly turned my attention to the final phase of this case-the zoo!
I called them and was transferred to a nice lady who seemed surprised I had had the decency to call back. She explained that they had run the card through three times and it had been denied each time! (Did Kaelyn go shopping before she thought about the zoo? Holy cow!) I exclaimed, "Good!" She was a bit surprised, but I explained to her that my daughter had sent in the information without my consent and that I didn't even know if the number was my credit card or not. She offered to read it out loud for me. IT WAS MY NUMBER! But all was not lost, she read the expiration date and it was wrong! Whew! It wasn't that my account had been raided, but Kaelyn had made up an expiration date! Why not?
I told her that if she would please shred the card, I would take care of my daughter. I guess my tone was a little ominous-all she could say was "Uh-oh." I think it was in sympathy for Kaelyn, but I don't really think Kaelyn needed that sympathy, do you? In fact, I would present the opposing theory that it is I who am in need of and deserving of much sympathy! After all, Kaelyn is only 9.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

To My Grandma

Grandma, I am glad that someone is reading my blog, and I'm even gladder that it is you! I thought about you last night. I watched a show with Dean in which there is a character whose name is Boone. And I remembered that little story you shared with Maura and I about that name and how you feel about it. I can remember you saying that name with feeling. Did you like that story about your grand daughter? Where does she get these notions? The only thing I can think of-the Schofields. In particular, her Grandpa Schofield. Because she sure didn't get it from me or Dean, or you.

To Brow or Not to Brow, that is the question...

The other day, Kaelyn started talking to me and as I was looking at her, I noticed that something just didn't look right, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I shrugged it off and went back to my work. A little later, I heard Kaelyn brag to Mary that she had gotten rid of her EYEBROWS! Mary asked her if she shaved them off, "No, I cut them off, eyebrows are stupid." (Is anyone thinking Calvin, right now? I should never have let her read those comic strips!) Mary started to tattle and I noted that I had thought there was something different about Kaelyn.
That afternoon, Kaelyn bragged to her friends about getting rid of her eyebrows. I think someone said something derogatory under their breath, something about freak and monster. I don't know who did it. It was unkind, cruel, the opposite of what Elaine Faber or Haim Ginnott would do. And Kaelyn must have taken it to heart.
She asked me that afternoon, if it took very long for eyebrows to grow back. I explained that hair took a few weeks to grow. She wondered if it would be back on Sunday. Apparently she was concerned about the boys at church making fun of her. She never thinks about that until it is too late. I had to let her down, I told her that they would not be back before Sunday. She was crestfallen. I was sad for her, but what could I do?
I went about my work. I did my data entry, and in between computer functions, I would grab the vacuum and go over my rug, then pick up and put away, then I vacuumed the other rug. I came back from a trip to the bedroom and something caught my eye on the clean rug. There, on the rug, was a one inch lock of blond hair. I know of only one other person who has that hair color!
"Kaelyn," I hollered, as I strode to the school-room,"Why is there a one inch lock of your hair on my clean rug?"
That's right, I was concerned that her hair was messing up my rug, not that she had cut her hair. I must care more about my clean floor than how my children look. Let's just agree, I'm shallow that way.
Kaelyn was busily tucking shorn strands of hair behind her ear in an attempt to keep me from discovering that she was the culprit behind the hair-litter.
"What? I don't know what you're talking about!"
She said this so innocently. Why does she continue to underestimate her super-intuitive mother? I don't know. I thought my brilliance was so undeniable, but children are casually unaware of such things.
"Kaelyn," I said, in my best interrogator voice,"Why did you cut your hair?" (Did I mention the stray lock of hair was attached to a piece of tape? Because you need to know that to understand what comes next.) She gave up, FINALLY acknowledging that it was useless to try and keep ME in the dark.
"I was trying to make eyebrows!"
"You were going to tape this onto your face," I said, holding up exhibit A. I tightened my lips in an attempt to keep from smiling, as she nodded her head, because it is not polite to laugh at someone who is in earnest. Sadly, it didn't work. Kaelyn has apparently inherited some of her mother's intuitiveness. Or perhaps the snickering gave me away.

Friday, February 29, 2008


Here is a sweet little guy who's extreme cuteness won over a self-proclaimed dog-disliker-my mom. We found him at the shelter and brought him home, unfortunately the poor little fellow never had a chance. This is Jet. He was perfect in every way, his size and personality making him a lovely addition to the family. But Jet had a cough and in a few days it was apparent he had distemper-an ugly disease that puts a dog through hell, taking most of it's victims, and leaving a few with unalterable health problems. The vet recommended that we save Jet from all of that pain and trauma. We did.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Travels and Kids

Mary hiking above Wolf Creek Pass, 13,000 feet elevation
The Great Sand Dunes in the San Luis Valley, Colorado, where I was born.
The family sitting around singing the Hills are Alive above Wolf Creek Pass

The scenery driving from Mesa Verde back to Pagosa Springs. So dry and barren, but the vistas were amazing.

Kaelyn playing with a lizard at Mesa Verde.

We went to Colorado a few months ago and had a lovely trip. I just wanted to show proof that I actually care about other things besides my animals. Just ask Dean how willingly I go on vacation...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Max passed away on January 9, 2008 at 11:00 pm. He is sorely missed.