Monday, January 12, 2009

Abby-don't miss it!

Do you ever wonder why I call my blog the Island of Misfit Animals? I am the dumping ground for animals that couldn't make the grade with their other families. Of all my misfits, Abby has the most unusual story...

Once upon a time, there was a cute little dog who needed a good home. She lived with a very lovely Family of royal name (Prince) but alas, she tinkled everywhere and caused much dismay. The royal family tried and tried, but the cute little puppy would not change her incontinent ways. With many tears and heartrending cries, the royal family shipped the puppy under guardian of a certain king and queen to the Head of the Family Stables, Kennels and Falconry (or chicanery). The morning after the puppy's arrival to the new environs, the Head of the Family Stables, Kennels and Falconry (or chicanery) (henceforth referred to as the the HFSKFC) noted a large fixed and rigid mass protruding from the said puppy's abdomen. The HFSKFC's eyes widened, her heart palpitated with much rapidity, and she hastened the sweet princess pup to the royal Vet.
A long ride and a longer wait finally found them in the Vet's office, awaiting diagnosis of the mysterious lump that felt like it accounted for half the weight of the little dog. The vet casually entered the examination room, ready for another routine visit, but he was shaken out of his normal routine when he examined the little dog, feeling the size and mass of the lump the protruded so obscenely. His eyes widened as he let his fingers gingerly press around the edges of the great bump. "You just can't have normal, can you?" He questioned the HFSKFC, a reference to other misfit experiences of late. He prescribed treatment, hoping it was a blockage, and not the tumor that it felt like, with instructions to bring her back after several days of treatment with laxative type qualities. But no amount of time would make a difference in this case. At the end of the week, the pup was again in the vet's office, where he eyed her with bewilderment, trying to puzzle it out. At last, he made the pronouncement that nothing short of surgery would solve the mystery. She would be scheduled for the following Monday, but first he would x-ray her, hoping that would shed some light. This is what he saw...

Upon showing her these radiographs, he asked if the HFSKFC knitted much. The stunned response was no, but maybe the royal family did!

The royal family was consulted and it was determined that perhaps the puppy had consumed large amounts of vegetable-dyed yarn right before leaving home. This was the only plausible answer any could come up with. But the day of surgery revealed something much more disturbing.

Apparently, the young Abigail Charlotte, also known as Abby, had consumed 121 hair bands, two shoelaces, several ear plugs, and other bits of unidentifiable plastic. The royal family stopped wondering why they had never been able to find hair bands, the vet was amazed that the young dog had such an astonishing constitution, the HFSKFC breathed a sigh of relief that her latest misfit aquisition would live to get into other mischief, and Abby settled in to her new home, perfectly content to resume her responsibilities of tinkling away.

Riding "O"

Whoa Nelly! Or Orlando! I never posted any pictures of my first experiences on O.

I promise I'm not that heavy, just hold still!!!

Easy, don't fall over...
And, woo-lah! (My daughter once shouted woolah, she meant voila, I'm sure you see why I use it, it is terribly charming.) Here we are! Now we get to start the whole process over again, it has been nearly a year since I really rode the poor fellow. Maybe his back is stronger. We worked on forward, reverse and whoa. He has a very good grasp on reverse.