Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Now say the title again while you are imagining that you are Kronk from Emperor's New Groove. Got it? Now you may proceed.
It was my birthday yesterday and we kicked off the month long celebration, (that's right, month long, I'm thinking a day for every year I've been alive is highly appropriate) (that's right, I'm about thirty) (can't wait to celebrate 60!)with my daughters making french toast and scrambled eggs for me for breakfast. I haven't told them what I think about scrambled eggs. The gesture was very sweet, so in typical Mommy fashion, I sacrificed for the greater good and their darling egos and choked down the cold eggs. It helped when I swirled them around in plenty of syrup. Most things in life can be helped with a good dousing of syrup, don't you think? Besides, we use the low carb version, so it's totally healthy. I believe everything I read on labels. So, back to the day...
My husband took the children shopping for my birthday where he refused to spend any of his own money on their gift ideas. We had just had a giant garage sale and the girls had some spending money. In typical fashion, my 9 year old generously bought me a bird calendar and my 11 year old gave me a kingsized Reeses Peanut Butter Cup after she bummed the money from her sister. I wonder if she's paid her sister back yet? I'm betting she is hoping her sister will forget the debt. And when she is reminded, she will try to change the subject. Sound familiar? Yeah, she learned that skill from her Dad. I never do that.
What's that? Yes, I'm sidetracked easily, my 11 year old gets that syndrome everytime she has to confront her math book. Okay, back to the story, and then my husband said the cats had gotten me a gift, too. He told me that their gift was in the garage next to their litter pans. Aren't my cats sweet? To leave me a present in their bathroom? Oh wait, they always leave me lots of little presents in the garage. Is my husband trying to tell me something? Well, the little darlings really outdid themselves. They gave me a ...
GUITAR! Who knew that in the family, the cats were the ones with the money? See, take care of your animals and they will take care of you!

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Pampered Princess said...

I knew I should have gotten a cat. We never have ANY money!