Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hide your wallet

The other day I received a message from the Dallas Zoological Society. Apparently they were having trouble processing my request for a zoo membership and would I or my husband please give them a call so they could straighten things out. No problem, I thought, I would be very happy to give them a call, especially since I hadn't ordered a zoo membership. But first, I needed to pull out my stellar detectival skills and do a little research. I called my husband, thinking perhaps he had sent in the card the zoo had sent us last week, perhaps to surprise the family. But as I suspected, he was quick to deny any such plans. While he was on the phone with me I instigated part two of my investigation. "Girls!" They came running to the top of the stairs. Such obedient children. "Did one of you send in the card to get a membership at the Dallas Zoo?" "No," "Yes." They both stated at the same time. The "no" child was dismissed from the fore front of my mind as I quickly turned my interrogation skills on the other child. "What credit card did you use?" "Yours!" she laughed. I told my listening spouse goodbye, and proceeded to wipe the smiles and giggles from my browless child's face. (Well, she has some brows now, perhaps I should have said sparse. But maybe you can understand that I'm still not feeling all that charitable towards old baldy brows just yet.) After justice had been meted out, I quickly turned my attention to the final phase of this case-the zoo!
I called them and was transferred to a nice lady who seemed surprised I had had the decency to call back. She explained that they had run the card through three times and it had been denied each time! (Did Kaelyn go shopping before she thought about the zoo? Holy cow!) I exclaimed, "Good!" She was a bit surprised, but I explained to her that my daughter had sent in the information without my consent and that I didn't even know if the number was my credit card or not. She offered to read it out loud for me. IT WAS MY NUMBER! But all was not lost, she read the expiration date and it was wrong! Whew! It wasn't that my account had been raided, but Kaelyn had made up an expiration date! Why not?
I told her that if she would please shred the card, I would take care of my daughter. I guess my tone was a little ominous-all she could say was "Uh-oh." I think it was in sympathy for Kaelyn, but I don't really think Kaelyn needed that sympathy, do you? In fact, I would present the opposing theory that it is I who am in need of and deserving of much sympathy! After all, Kaelyn is only 9.

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